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Blog | Demand For Accountants Grow By Over 20%

Demand For Accountants Grow By Over 20%

Monday, July 31st 2017 4:27pm

Hello and welcome to our blog here at WHR Accountants in Armagh, Northern Ireland. We have news that the demand for accountants across the UK has grown by over 20% in just the last quarter, figures compiled by specialist recruitment consultancy firm Robert Walters show. We are not sure if this is an unprecedented increase but it is certainly a very high figure.

SME`s Looking For Accountants

SME`s Want Accountants

Robert Walters believe there are a few factors that have contributed to this high rise in demand for accountants. Firstly many SME`s and start up businesses have been on the lookout for accountants to help run and drive their business forward, and also the banking and financial industry as a whole are looking to fill a number of positions across the UK.

Brexit & Accountancy

Brexit has also led to many companies requiring the input of qualified accountants. The complexity of the Brexit process will no doubt lead to a big headache for many businesses looking to keep their financial affairs in order and so they are hiring accountants to help them to support their long term financial sustainability. Having an experienced accountant in your corner as Brexit draws ever nearer could be absolutely vital to businesses in keeping abreast of developments and being able to plan for the future.

It is good to see that accountants are seen as such an integral part of many forward thinking companies and this can only be good for both the companies themselves and the accountancy profession as a whole. Accountancy is becoming an ever more popular career choice and it is easy to see why as demand grows and young people see it as a great opportunity to work in an important and varied industry.

WHR Accountants Can Work For Your Business

If you have a business, be it large or small, and you require assistance in navigating through the changes that will inevitably come once we leave the European Union, then WHR Accountants can certainly help you in this respect. For more information on our accountancy services please give us a call in the first instance on 028 3752 2909.
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