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Blog | Calls For The Government To Give The Self Employed A Break

Calls For The Government To Give The Self Employed A Break

Tuesday, November 22nd 2016 10:03pm

There have been calls for the Chancellor to make tax changes in the Autumn statement and give a break to the five million employed people here in the UK, as critics of the Governments tax policy feel that they have been targeted unfairly and punished enough.

Speciality accountancy firm Danbro feel that there are too many restrictions on the self employed and they should be treated more flexibly by the government so that they will be able to contribute more fully to the UK economy.

Speaking on this issue, the chairman of Danbro Damian Broughton said: "The UK has proved to be resilient and we consistently recover from dips in the economy faster than most of our partner nations. This is because we have been able to utilise our powerful temporary workforce.

"Everyone recognises the importance and value of this rich pool of freelance expertise and our Chancellor must use this Autumn Statement to support that workforce and avoid the mistakes of his predecessors who have restricted its potential.

"This sector has been hit with a multitude of detrimental levies, rules and regulations in the past and this has placed a drag on one of our most critical tools for economic success.

"Prime Minister Theresa May has launched a major Employment Review as she recognises employment laws must be overhauled to meet the needs of the modern workplace. I'm asking the Chancellor to follow suit and recognise that businesses have evolved. He must not impose any further rules and regulations and make it easier for this sector to operate."

Broughton feels that the Chancellor needs to make some radical changes in order to support the UK economy in the wake of Brexit. You can read more on this story by visiting the Online Recruitment Resource website at the following link: Self Employed Need A Tax Break Says Accountancy Firm

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