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VAT Will Still Be With Us Whether It`s A Brexit Deal Or No Deal

There has been a lot of talk over the last few weeks about the possibility of the UK being unable to broker a deal with the European Union for when they finally leave next year, although recent indications do seem to show that a deal could be closer now than it has been for some while.

Tax Deadlines In Late July & August

Here are some details on the various tax deadlines which are coming up in the next month, be sure if you have a business to prepare yourself for these deadlines to ensure you don`t get penalised. Being prepared is half the battle to running a successful business.

Accountancy Advice On Brexit

It is now less than a year before the UK officially cuts its ties with the EU, although how big a cut into those ties is still being heatedly debated in the corridors of power. There are many people who believe a clean break from the European Union is the right thing to do to keep the UK fully independent and in charge of our laws and borders, whereas others believe that it would be suicidal for us to leave the customs union and the single market and such a deal would lead to economic stagnation and chaos.

Accountancy Group Wants The UK To Slash Its Tax Rates After Leaving EU

An accountancy group has called for the government to slash its tax rates post Brexit so that companies will more easily be able to compete against all the major emerging economies. The accountancy firm UHY Hacker Young said research has shown that the UK`s tax burden is over 75% higher than that of many other countries economies. For instance the UK has a tax burden of 36% of GDP and this is exceptionally high when you compare it with the economies of such as Brazil, Russia, India and China (the BRIC economies) which have an average tax burden of 21% of GDP.

Making Tax Digital & Businesses

The government are keen on making big changes to the tax system in order to both make it easier for businesses and individuals to track and access their tax information, and for the authorities to monitor and ensure everyone is paying the taxes they are due. It is believed that around £9 billion is lost each year due to tax errors and mistakes, which the government are keen to change. To this end they are rolling out Making Tax Digital. They believe this digital system will help to boost businesses` productivity and competitiveness, and it will also help to deliver cost and efficiency improvements.

The Self Assessment Tax Return Deadline Is January 31st

Welcome to our blog here at WHR Accountants in Armagh, Northern Ireland. This is our first blog post of 2018 and we hope the year is treating you very well so far. Today we thought we would remind you of the impending self assessment tax return deadline.

Merry Christmas To You All From WHR Accountants

Hello and welcome to our blog here at WHR Accountants in Armagh. As this is our last blog post before the Christmas break we would like to wish all our customers and blog readers a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. Without the support of our clients we would not be here so we do value all of you and look forward to helping you with your accounts, tax, payroll, auditing, business planning etc in 2018. I hope, like us, you have had a successful 2017 and we look forward to an even better year in 2018.

Save Time & Money Using Our Accountancy Services

Today in our blog we would like to give you information on why our services can save your business both time and money. It certainly pays to employ an experienced, professional and trusted accountant to help you with your business finances and we believe that at WHR Accountants in Armagh we tick all the right boxes.

Five Factors That Accountancy Practices Need To Deal With

We read an excellent article in the Accountancy Age the other day, of which we have left a link below, giving 5 factors that are, or soon will be, impacting on both accountancy practices and their clients. We thought we would like to share this information with you so here are the 5 factors and a summary of their impact.

Making Tax Digital Draft Rules Are Out

The government have published the first detailed drafts of the new Making Tax Digital regulations. The draft rules give sole traders and business partnerships an idea of what tax information they need to store digitally and what they will be required to do for their quarterly tax returns.

Higher Turnover But Lower Corporation Tax Bill For Amazon

Online retail giant Amazon lowered its corporation tax bill in the UK by more than half in 2016, this is despite increasing its turnover in the same period. In 2016 Amazon paid a UK corporation tax bill of £7.4 million, but this figures pales when you consider that they paid a total of £15.8 million in corporation tax in 2015. The company has received a great deal of flak over its perceived lack of transparency over regarding their revenue streams and how much tax they are contributing to HMRC over the last year or two and these figures are not likely to lessen the criticism.

Job Opportunity - Accountants Assistant


We currently require an Accountant's Assistant or Trainee Accountant Technician.

The person should have the following qualities :

Demand For Accountants Grow By Over 20%

Hello and welcome to our blog here at WHR Accountants in Armagh, Northern Ireland. We have news that the demand for accountants across the UK has grown by over 20% in just the last quarter, figures compiled by specialist recruitment consultancy firm Robert Walters show. We are not sure if this is an unprecedented increase but it is certainly a very high figure.

Number Of Accountancy Membership Grow As Audit Firms Decline

Hello and welcome to our blog here at WHR Accountants, the No 1 accountancy firm in Armagh, Northern Ireland. Today we have news that the number of people joining the accountancy profession is on the increase. This goes to show the healthy respect that the profession is held in by so many people in the UK and Ireland.

Why Using An Accountant Is A Smart Move

Hello and welcome to our blog here at WHR Accountants in Armagh, Northern Ireland. Today we want to share with you why we believe using an accountant (and particular this accountancy firm!) for you and your business can be one of the smartest moves you ever make.

Has Making Tax Digital Been Put On Hold For Good?

Hello and welcome to our blog here at WHR Accountants, the premier accountancy service across Armagh and the surrounding areas. Today we are looking at the possible demise of the Making Tax Digital initiative which has seemingly been put on hold, at least until after the General Election.

Self Employed CIS Tax Returns

Hello and welcome to another blog post here at WHR Accountants, the No 1 accountancy firm in Armagh and the surrounding areas. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Easter but also to tell you that we specialise in completion self employed CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) annual tax returns.

Construction Industry Scheme Tax Returns

We find that MOST of our clients are eligible for a tax rebate and so within 6 weeks of us receiving your information you should be receiving your cheque.

And even better news is that we are charging a discounted price for this service of just £170 including VAT for completion of your tax return. The normal price is £240 but this discounted price will be available up to the 31st August 2017.

To get the ball rolling please give us a call on 028 3752 2909 and we will start the process for you.

CIS Tax Returns

Good News For Self Employed As Hammond Does U-Turn

There was welcome news for the self employed last week after Chancellor of the Exchequer Phillip Hammond did a u-turn and decided not to raise National Insurance Contributions (NIC) for them. This was after the Chancellor came under enormous pressure from his own party to change his budget announcement on NIC for the self employed. This is certainly a humiliating climb-down for both Hammond and the Prime Minister Theresa May. The rise would have broken a key Conservative manifesto pledge claimed many Tory MP`s and after a great deal of negative publicity the Chancellor announced that the proposed rise was going to be scrapped.

Accountancy Salaries On The Rise

Hello and welcome to the blog of WHR Accountants. Today we have news that accountancy has proven one of the top 5 industries for salary growth over the last 12 months which seems to show that the sector is in a pretty healthy state. The four industries that had a higher salary growth were the car industry, property, manufacturing and the legal sector.

Accountancy Group Nervous About Making Tax Digital Plans

The accountancy group, UK200Group, have spoken out over Her Majesty`s Revenue & Customs `Making Tax Digital` plans, as they are concerned that some businesses will find it difficult to cope with the amount of information it will have to process under the new scheme.

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